Last week the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, known as IFA, was held in Berlin, from September 5 to 10. We weren’t there with our own Playseat® stand, but Panasonic and Grundig knew that it never hurts to use Playseat® chairs for the promotion of new products!

Panasonic at IFA
Panasonic presented their new 4K televisions and wanted to let the visitors of the trade show experience themselves how awesome it is to use their ultra high quality screens for gaming. Of course there’s no better way to show people what the 4K televisions are capable of than with a thrilling race game. We weren’t surprised they wanted to use a Playseat® Evolution chair to complete their set up, because everyone that wants to show how sim racing is done, uses a Playseat® gaming chair!

Grundig at IFA
Grundig explored another part of the way new technology can improve the racing experience at home. They installed four Playseat® chairs, so everyone could test how well sim racing and 3D simulation go together. The people that sat down to experience 3D racing, all were very positive and excited about this extra feature for realistic racing at home. When asked about the Playseat® chair, everyone agreed they would like to have one at home for their own race set up. But we can’t say we were surprised to hear that!