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There are some exciting rumors circulating on the internet about a new Thrustmaster racing wheel!

Rumor has it that Thrustmaster will be releasing a new wheel called the Thrustmaster T150! Quality wise it should be better than the Thrustmaster T100, but cheaper than the T300, with a price around €199. Other rumors tell us that the T150 will be compatible with PlayStation 4. This is some very exciting news, even if it’s only based on rumors at this moment!

Thrustmaster T 150 rumors
Source: http://www.isrtv.com/forums/topic/18301-thrustmaster-t150-is-coming-soon/

Thrustmaster T 150 rumors
Source: http://raceonoz.com/forums/index.php?threads/logitech-g29-will-you-be-getting-it.1761/

Hopefully we will know more about the rumored Thrustmaster T150 soon and we will definitely share it with you on PlayseatStore, so keep an eye on the news section!

If the Thrustmaster T150 will indeed be released, we will of course have it in our racing wheel assortment and available for Ready to Race bundles with a 10% discount!