Playseat® virtual reality drivingThe future is here: multiple virtual reality headsets become available on the consumer market this year!

If you are looking for the ultimate virtual reality experience, you don't have to look any further! Playseat® offers the perfect racing, gaming and flight chairs for the most realistic exerperience. A VR headset is only half the experience; with Playseat® it also feels like you are sitting in a car, truck, airplane, spacecraft or whatever vehicle you prefer!

Not driving or flying, but still looking for the best virtual reality experience? Playseat® has what you are looking for: the ultimate all round gaming chair Playseat® L33T! The newest Playseat® chair is tailored to the gamer: it combines the unique Playseat® quality and comfort, with an awesome design and new, patented features! Combine the Playseat® L33T gaming chair with a VR headseat and you have the best gaming experience possible!

With virtual reality sets like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, the time of high quality VR has come! Being part of the surroundings, instead of looking at a screen, improves the level of realism tremendously. It's amazing to be able to look everywere you want and only see the virtual enviroment of the game you are playing. Combine your headset with a Playseat® chair for the ultimate virtual reality experience!

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