The long expected successor of the Xbox 360 has been announced: the Xbox One!


A first impression:


Micorsoft is ready to take a next step with this console; the Xbox One should be the center of your home entertainment, an elegantly designed device which is connected to all the other entertainment devices in the room. Microsoft clearly focusses on more than only gaming. With the Xbox One you can enjoy many online and offline features. Watch television or Blu-ray movies, listen to music, have conversations via Skype, explore the internet... the options are endless!


The Xbox One reacts to simple voice commands. If you say “watch tv” it switches easily to live television and when you want to listen to some music, you simply say: “listen music”. The menu’s look a lot like the Windows 8 layout and thanks to the Windows technology the Xbox One can multitask without any problems. Tell the device te “snap” and a second screen opens. This powerfull console has a quiet eight core processor, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB space on its harddisk. It supports USB 3.0.


Ofcourse gaming stays an important part of the Xbox One. The controller hasn’t changed much, but Kinect – the movement sensor that’s used for certain games and menu’s – has had a big upgrade. At this moment there’s not much news about what games will be playable at the Xbox One, but we do know Call of Duty: Ghosts will temporarily be exclusive for Xbox One gamers. Fifa 14, Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break will also be available.


When the Xbox One will exactly be available and what it will cost is still unclear, but it won’t be before the end of this year. It is expected that Microsoft will tell more about the console and the games at the E3 international video game expo and conference in Los Angeles.


Xbox One